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Soap noodles are the fatty acids derived either from vegetable oil or animal fats used as the main ingredient in the production of soap bars. It is produced from the saponification of neutral fats and oil, neutralization of fatty acid and saponification of methyl esters.

There are two main types of soap noodle, i.e:

    1. made out of palm base or vegetable oil base
    2. another made from animal fats or tallow.

Due to its versatile properties, soap noodle offered by Sree Murni Global (M) Sdn Bhd able to meet the various needs of clients in the cosmetic, toiletry and laundry soap / detergent manufacturing or industries. We are able to supply according to your needs.

A typical blend of noodles would be:

  • comprising an 80% mix of palm oil and palm stearin, and 20% palm kernel oil known as 80/20, usually classified as standard 
  • Other blends in the market are mix composition of 90/10, 70/30 and 60/40.

Total Fatty Matters or TFM is a measure of fat content from various oil blends, moisture and glycerin contents are important features in distinguishing grades of soap noodles.

Soap Noodle commonly varies based:

  1. Colour – White, creamy, yellowish, brownish and swing.
  2. Solid – usually snow white
  3. and  translucent

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Type of Soap Noodles

Our soap noodle can be us classified as, visit our  specification page for more details.

i.  Translucent Laundry Soap Noodles
One of uniquely formulated and highly demanded type of noodles used in the production of laundry soap bars. Our noodles was made with the composition of palm fatty acid distillates (PFAD) and palm kernel fatty acids Distillates (PKFAD) with Total Fatty Matters within 68-70%. 

ii. Laundry Soap Noodles
As many third world countries still prefers washing their cloth by hand. Our laundry soap noodle assist many industries in this markets to formulate cost effective laundry soap bars. Our Laundry Soap has the composition of 90/10 (PFAD/PKFAD) and also made from 100% PFAD.

iii. White Soap Noodles or toilet soap noodle used my cosmetics or toilet soap manufacturers worldwide. We able to supply

  1. 80/20 noodles with TFM 78-81 % min. The noodles is a blend of palm oil/palm stearin and palm kernel oil
  2. 90/10 noodles suitable to manufacture multipurpose soap has Total Fatty Matters of 72% min.