Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate


Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate


Acts as a Surfactant, Cleansing Agent, Emulsifier, Foam Booster and Degreaser

Acts as a Cleansing Agent, Conditioner, Emulsifier and Foam Booster in Soaps, Bath and Hair Care Products and as an Emulsifier for Facial Creams and Lotions

Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Esters are used as Conditioning Agents for Textiles and Leather

Mold Release Agent

Used Directly as a Biofuel and Lamp Fuel and Is Mixed with Diesel Fuel

Used Directly as a Lubricant and Formulated into Lubricants and Greases for Metal


  • Steel Drum 185 kgs

  • Flexitanks 21mts

What is Palm Kernel Fatty Acids Distillate?

Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate or commonly known as PKFAD, is a processing residue from crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) refineries with a high amount of free fatty acids. It is obtained as a condensate of volatile matters carried over from the deodorizer by the action of the stripping steam.

It consists of 80%-90% of FFA and has often been used a raw material for soap making, detergent,shampoos, feed compounding and oleochemical and bio-diesel industries.

The light brown at room temperature are produced from the splitting of fats at high temperature and pressure. Other common applications for PKFAD including rubber processing, candles and cosmetic products or use as feedstock.

Palm Kernel Fatty Acids Distillate Specifications