Soap Noodles uses are mostly as the main raw material in the production toilet soaps and laundry soap bars. Manufacturers just to add in their choice of colourant, perfume or fragrance, essential oil(optional) and other additives.

The price of soap noodles depends on the qualities such as colour, Total Fatty Matter and moisture content. The world palm oil price greatly influences the final price of any soap noodles that uses pal products as its base.

Our palm oil (Vegetable oil) based soap noodles produced using palm oil and palm kernel oil are extensively used as a raw material for bar soap production by clients worldwide.

Our Soap Noodles

According to Grand View Research soap noodles can generally be categorized in four types based on process depending upon their method of synthesis and raw materials:

  • palm fatty acid noodles
  • palm oil saponification noodles
  • tallow fatty acid noodles
  • tallow oil saponification noodles

Soap Noodles also can be classified according to application into three categories namely:

  1. household includes laundry and toilet soap noodles
  2. industrial soap noodles, mostly employed in the textile industries.
  3. Customized soap noodles that mostly used for the medical purposes

Reaction of palm fatty acids with sodium hydroxide (commonly referred as Lye) creates non-uniform cylindrical shape soap noodles. The most common soap noodles blended included 80:20 palm oil : palm kernel or 90:10. Customized soap noodles of 70:30 and 60:40 can be manufactured depending on order size.

The 80 % Palm Oil to 20 % Palm kernel oil blend used extensive by many manufacturers as it provides the whiteness, foaming, good cleaning properties and right hardness.

The demand for soap noodles across the globe is rising not only due to unexpected virus pandemic, the growing awareness of personal hygiene in the developing regions coupled with the increasing public and private expenditure in developing their retail sector both traditional and digital channel.

The exponential demand and rapid development in the soap noodles industry Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe expected to fuel soap noodles market size.

Vegetable oil-based soap noodles in particular derived from palm oil and palm kernel oil are extensively used as a raw material bar soap production.