Types of Soap Noodles depends on customer requirements and their final products they indent to produce.  Since, our soap noodles are plant based  derived from palm and lauric oil we also able to customized formulation.

At present we produce Three Types of Soap noodles, namely:

  1. White Soap Noodles – Our white (snow) soap noodles are made of fatty acids from palm and palm kernel oil. Depending on requirements, the we can work to produce soap noodles with different fatty acid blends, e.g. 90/10, 80/20, or 70/30). Generally, all our  Soap Noodles are optimally suited for the production of fine soaps of any kind.
  2. Swing Soap Noodles – In a continuous saponification process, swing noodle soap (soap noodles)  are directly produced from the oil and thus are not as white as toilet noodle soap  or soap noodles, but slightly cream-coloured. Our soap noodle particularly suited for the production of high-quality toilet, laundry soap and  for  natural cosmetics.
  3. Laundry Noodle soap (or soap noodles)  basically used to produce non human bathing or non human face washing purposes. Soap produced using our laundry soap requires the ability to bind strong cleaning agents and at same time soft to human skin. Generally, all our Soap Noodles are optimally suited for the production of all kind soaps .

Check out our Soap Noodles specifications page for more details